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  • Attractive wholesale pricing.
  • Small minimum purchasing quantities (10 packs per SKU).
  • 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture.
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  • Complimentary informational materials with each order.
  • Clinically supported. Randomised, double blind and placebo-controlled clinical trials demonstrated GluteGuard’s efficacy in coeliac and dermatitis herpetiformis patients challenged with gluten daily2,3.
  • A natural solution. Containing caricain, an enzyme derived from the latex of unripe papaya fruit, GluteGuard is uniquely able to break down the toxic and immunogenic fractions of gluten responsible for symptoms, inflammation and long lasting effects.
  • Protection when it matters most. One tablet before a meal offers protection from symptoms caused by accidental gluten ingestion.
  • Enhancing the gluten free diet. GluteGuard is not a replacement for a gluten-free diet but is an extra layer of support for those times when accidental gluten ingestion is a risk.

Gluten-free is now worry free with GluteGuard