GluteGuard survey results

In March 2017, Glutagen conducted an online survey of confirmed GluteGuard users to better understand how they were using the product and what they thought of it. Of the 1215 people who opened the email inviting them to take the survey, 307 (25 percent) responded to the survey questions. Below is a summary of the survey findings.

When do you use GluteGuard?


Eating out at restaurants and when not preparing my meals


Travelling, when risk of cross-contamination is high


Rarely, only when I can’t trust the source of my meals


Eating at home, before each meal

The GluteGuard users who responded to our online survey were asked to tick all the appropriate response options.

  • Three out of four of the survey respondents said they used it to help ward off the symptoms of accidental gluten intake when eating away from home.

  • Around half the respondents said they took the product with them when travelling, due to concerns about the high risk of cross-contamination.

  • Less than one in four said they rarely used the product, only when they felt they couldn’t trust the source of their meals.

  • Only one in 12 respondents said they used GluteGuard before eating meals prepared at home.

Overall, how helpful is GluteGuard for you?

129 participants diagnosed with coeliac disease reported:

Helpful overall 91% 91%
Very Helpful 60% 60%
Somewhat helpful 19% 19%
It changed my life 13% 13%
Neither 5% 5%
Not helpful 3% 3%

176 non-coeliac gluten sensitive participants reported:

Helpful overall 94% 94%
Very Helpful 52% 52%
Somewhat helpful 23% 23%
It changed my life 20% 20%
Neither 1% 1%
Not helpful 5% 5%

Was GluteGuard helpful for you?

  • Nine out of 10 survey participants (93 percent) said GluteGuard was helpful. Very similar results were reported for participants with coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

  • Of the 129 respondents who said they had been diagnosed with coeliac disease, 91 percent said GluteGuard was helpful.

  • Of the 176 respondents with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, 94 percent said GluteGuard was helpful.

  • Less than one in 20 of all respondents said GluteGuard was not helpful.

Since using GluteGuard, have you found any improvements in your health?


Yes, I feel much better now


Yes, I feel marginally better now


I feel the same



  • Almost half the survey participants (48 percent) said they had noticed improvements in their health since taking GluteGuard.

  • One in three respondents (35 percent) said they had felt much the same since taking GluteGuard. This could be interpreted as suggesting these respondents had not suffered any symptoms of accidental gluten ingestion since taking GluteGuard.

  • Including the positive free-text responses in the analysis of overall responses to this question would raise the percentage of respondents who noted a positive impact on their health or wellbeing from 48 to 56 percent.

* Seventeen percent of participants (53 out of 307) selected ‘other’ in response to this question, and provided free-text responses. Twenty-six of these people made positive comments about their experiences with using GluteGuard.

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