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Dr. Kim Faulkner-Hogg - Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian | Accredited Nutritionist

GluteGuard allows my clients to once again participate is social gatherings with food. I am a dietitian who specialises in the dietary needs of those with coeliac disease or food intolerances. Over the past 25 years I have observed a huge increase in the level of anxiety about trace gluten in foods. I have clients who started to isolate themselves and refuse to socialise in an effort to avoid gluten contamination. Some are unsure if it’s the anxiety about eating out, or actual gluten contamination which makes them feel unwell. However, they tell me that just knowing they can take GluteGuard helps to decrease their anxiety and gives them protection to join in more social events.

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GluteGuard 10 Pack
Mark Wilson (South Australia, Australia)
It works

Was initially skeptical about how a magical tablet could work but it does for sure. Takes the worry away about eating out when you cannot control how food is prepared. Give it a go

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Caryl Linke
Works for me !!!!

Now on my second packet. Use when not sure of gluten content. Got caught out when I didn't use it.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Donna Sessions (Texas, United States)

I never received my order. The bank shows you got the money. I didn’t get mine

Hi Donna,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Your parcel is on its way, however, we will endeavour to investigate further with DHL — our international shipping provider.

We will be sure to get back to you as soon as we have more information. For any concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

GluteGuard Customer Service

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Sheryl Caruana (New South Wales, Australia)
Glute Gaurd

It’s fantastic I have severe medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity it’s working for me

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Sharon (Queensland, Australia)

My daughter has severe medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity and recently went on a camp for a week. Although there were strategies in place there is always a risk of cc. So we decided to keep her as safe as possible by getting her to take a gluteguard each meal. Although there were some little indiscretions with tongs being used in gluten before they served her she remained well for the whole week. Reassured and ready with another box for the next camp.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
David McEwan (Victoria, Australia)

Very pleased with the product

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Geraldine Kennedy (New South Wales, Australia)
Not sure yet

Not sure yet
I have sent a box to my daughter in Switzerland

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Petra Medcalf (New South Wales, Australia)
Very Happy thank you

Finally there is a product out on the market so that we can eat and enjoy the food that we missed out on for such a long time thank you so much

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Heidi Glasson (Queensland, Australia)


GluteGuard 10 Pack
Carolyn (Queensland, Australia)
Huge difference

Tiny amounts of gluten make me have fatigue , gas , and sore bones n I can relax alot and carry it in my digestive system is overall healthier feeling after glute guard too....amazing.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Erics Booth (Western Australia, Australia)

I was so looking forward to using this but unfortunately the first time I took it I had a reaction to it. I was struggling to breath and felt terrible for a 2 to 3 hours. I now realise Imust have an allergy to Papaya. Ry dissapointed I won't be able to use them.

Hi Erica,

Thank you for sharing your experience with GluteGuard.

We are very sorry to hear you learnt about new allergies after using GluteGuard. This is very unfortunate, natural latex and papaya allergies are very rare...

We recommend you to stop using GluteGuard and speak with a healthcare professional about your your allergic response to GluteGuard.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The GluteGuard team

GluteGuard 10 Pack
SeraT (South Australia, Australia)
Holidays without worry

I tried GluteGuard for the the first time when on holidays in a non-English speaking nation, knowing I would not be able to ask for gluten free food. With GluteGuard I experienced no issues from eating gluten. It really has opened up a new world of eating and travelling possibilities for me. Love it!

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Viv Falcone (Victoria, Australia)
Safety net achieved!

Glute Guard makes all the difference in the world to me!!
I no longer have to fear being accidentally “glutened” when eating out.
This takes such a burden from all the family. Small amounts of gluten don’t affect me at all, & even the slightly larger amounts give me ‘notice’ before incapacitating me. The symptoms are very much modified too….An all round winning treatment, thank you!!

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Claire Povey (England, United Kingdom)
Miracle Pill

I've been diagnosed with severe gluten sensitivity for eight years. Before diagnosis, I never really 'noticed' any obvious signs that my ill health was due to gluten.

Once my body was entirely off of it however and I started to heal, a tiny amount of accidental cross contamination would hit me like a freight truck. Intestinal pain, brain fog, swollen joints etc...

I found out about glute guard a year ago and gave them a whirl. Had tried a digestive enzyme before but to no avail...

These are a miracle pill for me. I quite literally thank God for them!

If at a friend or family members house, I discreetly take one before a meal to cover any accidental CC... it gives me such confidence to enjoy being with people I love without worrying about being struck later! Also, when if eating at a restaurant we haven't tried before.

My body feels so much better because I have had the longest stretch I've ever known without being hit by a gluten incident.

Could have been coincidental though, I reckoned. Until these little beauties were really put to the test...

My MIL who is the Queen of cooking for me safely - made me a Victoria Sponge one afternoon. Using Dove's Farm GF flour like usual!

Later that evening she rang in a state of sheer concern as she realised that the "new packaging" for the flour was actually - the real deal...their wheat flour product! Someone had accidentally stacked the wrong flour packets in the free from aisle in the supermarket.

I couldn't believe it. No burning. No crippling pain... the next few days I noticed I was certainly brain foggy - but I had downed an ENTIRE WHOPPER OF A SLICE OF NORMAL SPONGE CAKE and this was all I was suffering from. She was also so relieved to hear that I had popped a pill before eating it as she was so devastated by the mistake.

I hope they help everyone as they help me. They're pricey for us - but as my husband says, "worth their weight in gold" for how they help us.

Thanks Glute Guard!

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Khan-Marie (New South Wales, Australia)
Peace of mind

I am medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and glute guard has saved me more than once when eating out. When I travelled to Bali I found out when I left, that nearly every meal I had eaten had gluten in it. During my holiday I had been unwell but not to the degree where I was unable to leave my room. I attribute this to glute guard. Without it I would have been trapped in my bathroom.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Alicia Rodriguez (California, United States)
Fantastic product

This product is life changing. I can now go out to eat with my family and have no issues. I can’t eat gluten but this completely saves me from cross contamination which is a big problem for me.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Gabriele Ragusa (Victoria, Australia)

I purchased this product in the hope that it would alleviate any accidental and/or cross-contamination problems when eating out, especially as we were heading off on holidays for a couple of weeks. Even though I am medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity I enjoy eating out. I took the tablets, as suggested, not sure of their effectiveness. As the holidays progressed so did my confidence in eating out.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Anthony Bloom (Wisconsin, United States)
Fabulous Product!...Shipping, not so much.

GluteGard has been a game-changer for my wife as we navigate safe eating out for her Celiac condition. After searching the USA mainland market, I have found nothing that has the time-proven success of this product.


Of late, I have been a bit disappointed in the shipping. Twice now I have ordered Expedited Shipping with both times having the product fail to arrive on time. The most recent was this summer (2022). Even taking into account a US holiday, the most recent order still arrived 1-2 days past the Expedited date.

The former was met with a quick refund of the added cost (so that I only ended up being charged basic shipping). The latter was met with what sounded like an expectation that it was I (the customer) who should expect to take the financial hit if the product failed to arrive on time. After a couple of amicable emails back and forth, I had my added expedited costs resented.

I do not believe my position is improper, and I hope on the world stage it does not come off as being American snobbery. But when a Seller offers Expedited Shipping for an International Order, I expect that they have a strong supply line with a Shipper that can deliver that service. Suppose for any reason, that the expedited delivery fails to arrive on time. In that case, I believe it is incumbent on the Seller to refund the added cost of shipping (so that only standard shipping results as the charge) to the Customer. If the Seller believes that its Shipper was the cause of the late delivery, then it is the Shipper, not the Customer, who should be approached to take or make good the price difference. In short, the Seller should refund the Customer, and address the financial loss and compensation with the Shipper.

The question posed to the customer should not be "do you wish a refund (of the added cost for expedited shipping)?" Instead, it should be "how would you like to receive your refund since our promise did not manifest."

The result for us is that we still LOVE GluteGuard as a product, and we will continue to recommend it to our gluten-sensitive and Celiac friends and acquaintances. However, we will most likely cease paying for and trusting the expedited shipping option.

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your honest rating and review. We’re so glad to hear that GluteGuard has made a difference in your wife’s gluten-free life.

We are sorry to hear your order did not arrive on time. Unfortunately, our international shipping carrier has incurred ongoing delivery setbacks as of late. We invite you to read DHL’s COVID-19 impact statement here:

Due to these circumstances, our Expedited Shipping estimate no longer realistically reflects the times experienced by our customers; this has now been rectified on our website and we made sure you were compensated for the additional cost.

We understand GluteGuard is an essential product for many of our customers and, despite these challenging times, we endeavour to deliver within the period indicated on our website.

If you have any further concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

The GluteGuard Team

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Zoe Ormerod (England, United Kingdom)
Amazing miracle product

I was as nervous as every other reviewer, but they worked brilliantly. Recommend to everyone struggling when eating out!!

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Karen G (New South Wales, Australia)

Love the convenience of Gluteguard. It is a great product that works for me.
The Blister pack is really convenient for travel or eating out but I also like the bottle for home. Having the choice of either would be great!! Thanks

Wanting the bottles back Please

The blister pack is convenient but I like the bottles. I would like both options, thank you.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
john BROWN (Western Australia, Australia)

Haven't had the chance to try them as yet

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Roo (South Australia, Australia)

Great product. Works for me.

GluteGuard 10 Pack
Zohreh (New South Wales, Australia)


GluteGuard 10 Pack
Rhowena Yabut-Perumal (Calabarzon, Philippines)
Great invention!

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