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Where can I get more information on the clinical trials involved?

To access clinical trials summaries and the full publications visit

Can children take GluteGuard?

GluteGuard is currently recommended for adults only. While the active ingredient in GluteGuard is natural and considered safe for consumption, GluteGuard has only been studied in an adult population. Additionally, because the tablets are unable to be split or crushed, they may be difficult for young children to take whole.

Is GluteGuard recommended for conditions not completely related to gluten sensitivities? i.e IBS

Gluten is often a trigger for symptoms or inflammation in conditions outside the “spectrum of gluten related disorders”. Healthcare professionals may recommend GluteGuard in these instances.

Can non-coeliac patients consume gluten deliberately when using GluteGuard?

Unlike coeliac disease, non-coeliac gluten sensitive patients do not suffer an allergic or autoimmune response after consuming gluten. However, symptoms can be very severe. GluteGuard helps by breaking down a significant quantity of gluten. Healthcare professionals may recommend GluteGuard for support with digesting gluten.

What is GluteGuard “free-from”?

GluteGuard is tested free from gluten, lactose (beta-lactoglobuline), dairy, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamias, pistachios, cashews, peanuts), sesame seeds, soy, egg and crustaceans. GluteGuard is Vegan and certified Halal.

Can GluteGuard be taken after consuming gluten?

GluteGuard was not researched to be used after consuming meals. It’s not recommended but it could offer symptom protection.

How many GluteGuard tablets can I take in a day?

The recommended maximum daily dose is four (4) tablets in a single day. For prolonged meals, we recommend taking 1 additional tablet after an hour.

How does GluteGuard works?

GluteGuard uses a natural enzyme to break down gluten before this interacts with the intestinal lining. Helping to prevent the symptoms, inflammation and the autoimmune response in coeliac disease that leads to intestinal damage.

Where is GluteGuard manufactured?

GluteGuard is manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients.