Common misconceptions

GluteGuard is not for people with coeliac disease

Yes, it’s for anyone with gluten related disorders. GluteGuard was extensively researched in coeliac disease and developed to protect patients from accidental gluten ingestion.

GluteGuard clinical trial size are too small

GluteGuard trials used a gluten challenge to induce symptoms in medically diagnosed participants. The studies were designed to follow gluten's effect in blood biomarkers and intestinal histology throughout the study. The study design, sample size and participants allocation was designed to achieve a statistically significant outcome.

GluteGuard does not protect from intestinal damage in coeliac disease.

Intestinal damage is often caused by regular and inadvertent consumption of gluten. GluteGuard helps breaks down gluten before this interacts with the intestinal lining. GluteGuard’s clinical trials showed that, despite consuming 1 gram of gluten for 42 days, intestinal damage was not exacerbated in patients using GluteGuard before meals, suggesting protection against damage.  Further clinical trials are needed to explore the long term effect of GluteGuard in coeliac intestinal health.